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Don't get me wrong when you don't have to deal with refrigerators for a long time.

Issuing time:2019-08-24 00:00

Generally speaking, the freezer shutdown for more than a month can be called long-term non-use. Here are some suggestions for your reference:

1. For small and long-term, such as half a month, a month of downtime. Attention should be paid to unplugging the power plug, because even if the high-power electrical appliances with self-closing circuit switch, there will be accidents. The perishable things in the refrigerator must be removed in time to avoid polluting the environment in the refrigerator. If the freezing room needs defrosting, use soft cloth to dip in neutral deodorant or neutral detergent to scrub, then rinse with clean water and dry naturally.

2. If more than a month or more of downtime. It should be noted that the first step is to unplug the power plug and take out all the food. Clean the refrigerator with neutral detergent. After the door seal is dried with a soft cloth, talcum powder can be coated for maintenance, or white paper can be padded on the contact point between the door seal and the door body, and the temperature controller can be adjusted to the coldest state, so that the spring can be relaxed naturally and the service life can be prolonged. Put the cleaned refrigerator in a dry, ventilated place far away from the heat source. Open the door. Be careful not to cover the refrigerator with plastic bags. Do not put heavy objects on it. The refrigerator should be placed smoothly.

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