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Will low voltage burn the refrigerator?

Issuing time:2019-08-24 00:00

In theory, if the voltage is low, there will be no over-voltage breakdown. Any electrical appliances can be energized under the rated voltage. But because there is a compressor inside the refrigerator, it has a motor. If the voltage of the motor is low, the speed of the motor will be reduced in theory, and the torque may also be reduced, so the customer service resistance is insufficient, which can not be ruled out. Causing problems such as blockage and burning out, please pay attention to: Jungji igniter

1. That kind of power-frequency compressor, generally 220 volt voltage, below 185 volt, can not start normally. If it starts reluctantly, it may cause instantaneous current to be too large, thus burning PTC starter, or causing overload protector to be damaged, but the motor will not burn.

2. If it is a compressor with heavy hammer starter, the starting current will be very large, and it may burn out. Inverter type, because of under-voltage protection, the voltage will be protected as soon as it is low, there will be no problem.

3. Low voltage may cause the overall current to be too large. The socket and outlet may burn out because of the current problem.

4. When the voltage is low, the sound of the refrigerator must be different from that of the normal time. It can be temporarily cut off and used after the normal voltage. If the power grid always fluctuates greatly, you can find some stable voltage power supply and so on to supply power to the refrigerator.

5. People do not have enough food and energy to work, low voltage will definitely affect the refrigeration effect, too low will affect the start-up and operation of compressors, even if not bad in a short time, a long time will shorten the life.

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